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Warren Lloyd is a veteran Canadian diplomat having spent 27 years with the Canadian Immigration Foreign Service. Warren served overseas as a Trade Commissioner in Peru and managed Canadian Visa Offices in Spain, Mexico and the United States. He served as the federal Foreign Service Liaison Officer in Toronto - Canada's largest immigrant receiving region. During his career, Warren acquired an expert knowledge of visa office processing as well as a detailed knowledge of domestic immigration operations.

As a small firm, winning the loyalty of our clients means delivering on our promise with every interaction and we believe our corporate clients and individuals clients alike benefit from the close working relationship they receive with Lloyd and Associates.

Warren Lloyd is a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. 

Warren Lloyd
In today's world of global business and increased security, immigration regulations can seriously impact business activity resulting in delayed projects, increased costs and frustrated employees. Executive transfers, foreign recruitment and overseas business travel all require interaction with immigration authorities.

Lloyd and Associates offer an outsourcing service to help businesses reduce the workload of their HR personnel and increase the speed and accuracy with which immigration needs are processed. We typically work closely with HR and international staff to determine an optimal strategy. In many cases, we work directly with employees requiring immigration assistance while providing updates to corporate HR staff, significantly reducing their workload.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your immigration needs.